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Another Motivator to Learn Basic Skills...

As the 'civil' race war gets more traction from the communists... From American Greatness, here . Barnard College Instructor Discusses Locking Up and Gassing White People in Hypothetical ‘Race War’ By  Debra Heine April 28, 2021 During an appearance on Canadian radio show Monday, a Barnard College English instructor discussed with a Jewish host a passage from his new book about how he would gas white people in a locked room “when the race war hits its crescendo.” Ben Philippe, who teaches English and film studies at Barnard, appeared on the CBC show “q,” to talk about his book “Sure, I’ll be your Black Friend,”   the College Fix  reported. The host, Talia Schlanger, read the following passage from the tome in which he describes what he would do if there was a “race war.” When this race war hits its crescendo, I’ll gather you all into a beautifully decorated room under the pretense of unity. I’ll give a speech to civility and all the good times we share; I’ll smile as we raise g

BASIC PATROLLING – The Essential Information Applied to NPT Requirements

Long Post - So take it in sections... Originally posted on the old blog, pre-nuke, sometime in ’18. The following provides the basic academic information necessary to learn the art and science of patrolling.  It does NOT , however, take the place of training under the guidance of a skilled instructor.  So, if you don't know what to do, or you only have watched youtube videos, get yourself registered for a patrolling course with someone you’ve checked out.  No matter where you are, there are good, knowledgeable men out there ready to train you properly.  Yes, it will cost you some money.  You get what you pay for.....just sayin'.   Here’s the thing with timing, though:   You’ve got about 2 nanoseconds left to get some basic skills if you don’t have any.   All the folks I know who’ve been ringing the bell for years and years on learning it while it’s easy are probably going to ‘pop smoke’ once the really sportiness begins.   And then it’ll be too late to get some good oversigh