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Reading...The Best Way to Gain Information and Knowledge...

  Can't hack all the podcasts anymore....can't stand the posts that are video platforms for the speaker to provide his or her insight on various issues, except on occasions when 'how to' demonstrations or instruction is appropriate.  Then videos are worthwhile!  Usually, videos do NOT exercise the mind; rather, they are like mini-tee vee shows with the speaker as the star and usually have the purpose of entertaining or eliciting an emotional (rather than intellectual) response from the viewer.  And, then, of course, it's all about marketing a product that will salve the ego of the purchaser. I read.  I eschew video posts, podcasts, and other 'shorts'.  Why?  Mostly because I see the deluge of video's made on the principle that '10 minutes is all you have to present your case,' because people can't pay attention to a given subject for more than 10 minutes.  Further, I find the subject is what is interesting, and not the presenter (or would be

The Boomerang Effect Writ Large...

H/T WRSA . "...I will say that I am not evaluating the words of my sources from a moral point of view, but only recording what’s happening." -  Farida Rustamova Do read the whole thing, long as it is; it's very instructive , and shows how the West's social and economic sanctions and propaganda has galvanized Russia into a united body, from their government to their people, in an overwhelming majority of support for Putin's actions in Ukraine. Nice work, Brandon, NATO, and EU..... NICE work <eye roll>.  The attempt to cover up the Brandon family's peccadillos in UKR by provoking Russia to burn the place down is A:  Not going to work, and B: Boomerang right back on John and Jane Q. Public, right here in the USA. Further, the condemnation of actions of Russia by the the West for carrying out EXACTLY what the US threatened to do in 1962 during the Cuban Missile Crisis has only galvanized not only the Russian government, but its people.  Nutshell recap if

This Does Not Bode Well...

 H/T WRSA   Read the whole thing...and then accept you only own, right NOW, that which you can physically touch and then defend. Capitalist Eric sends: