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Can't hack all the podcasts anymore....can't stand the posts that are video platforms for the speaker to provide his or her insight on various issues, except on occasions when 'how to' demonstrations or instruction is appropriate.  Then videos are worthwhile!  Usually, videos do NOT exercise the mind; rather, they are like mini-tee vee shows with the speaker as the star and usually have the purpose of entertaining or eliciting an emotional (rather than intellectual) response from the viewer.  And, then, of course, it's all about marketing a product that will salve the ego of the purchaser.

I read.  I eschew video posts, podcasts, and other 'shorts'.  Why?  Mostly because I see the deluge of video's made on the principle that '10 minutes is all you have to present your case,' because people can't pay attention to a given subject for more than 10 minutes.  Further, I find the subject is what is interesting, and not the presenter (or would be star).  Reading allows me to consider the pros or cons of the given subject while I'm contemplating it.  I can also usually get a couple of perspectives from different authors regarding the same subject, process, procedure, technique, or method.  I prefer to gain knowledge or insight from the written word.  The exception to this is the 'how to' demonstrations available.  Videos such as this provide a valuable service as sometimes written instructions leave something to be desired.  

How about you?

An aside:  I'm up to my eyebrows with the constant deluge of repeated 'news flashes' that are demonstrably 'doom porn' aimed at getting SOMEONE ELSE to DO SOMETHING the publishing site, person, or entity won't take themselves - basically getting someone else to pay the penalty for the actions the posting site desires to see.  To those of you who do this (and have been for the past couple years), I can only say, "Put your money where your mouth is....YOU FIRST, Slick!" Unless and until you act with the courage of your so-called convictions, don't expect anyone to do your bidding.

Lastly, and this is not related except tangentially, please, STOP posting your kit set ups, the amount of food/preps, ammo, weapons, and other things you have on the net and/or social media!!  You are only being cataloged by people who will raid YOU when SHTF.  Mum's the word, you know?

Have a great day!


  1. I'd much rather read than watch!

  2. Definitely prefer to read - blow past most videos and podcasts.

  3. I always try to read. I even look for transcripts for videos so I don't have to watch them.

  4. Reading for the win, though podcasts are excellent while driving. I guess that each has its place.

  5. 100% with you on these.

    The 10 minute YouTube videos is because that's the sweet spot for ad revenue (source Tim Pool). It's really annoying they take 10 minutes to impart 2 minutes of information. Additionally, reading is at a much faster rate than speech.

    Podcasts were great, but now every man and his dog is doing them and doing them poorly thinking that they're going to be the next Joe Rogan. Again. Reading is much faster than speech so your 3 hour podcast is probably an hour of reading, if that. Far less if the text is well edited.

    And I'm pleased that you mentioned all these people trying to get someone else to do the heavy lifting and do what basically amounts to terrorism. They want someone to do something not appreciating that they are someone and they aren't doing anything other than whine like a little bitch. I get it. I'm angry just like every other just man is.

  6. you seemed to have dissappeared. hope all is good... your posts are missed....

  7. Quite the essay. Spot on. Bravo !


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