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First, I forget where I got this graphic; it's been a long while.  It's good though, for this post's purposes. 
For the uninitiated, or new prepper, protector, defender, NPT member, etc (whatever your group calls the new guys), 'CNS' stands for 'Central Nervous System'.

There are three ways to achieve instant incapacitation with a firearm against an attacker:  Shoot them in one of the 3 places as outlined above.

Other descriptions of the targets (and very effective if a bad actor is shot there) are:

FRONT:  The Occular Cavity

SIDE:  The Temple (just a smidge toward the top of the ear)

REAR:  Medula Oblongata (where the brain stem resides at the top of the spine where the brain joins the spinal column.

A shot in any of these three locatations brings about catastropic INSTANT failure of all systems in the body.  Put another way:  "Instant Rag Doll."  There's no last chance to pull a trigger, say 'good bye,' "I'm sorry," or, "Can I have a do-over."

It's easier with a rifle, but can be done with a pistol.  There is one, no actually TWO ingredients the good guy must do to accomplish this feat:  DRY FIRE PRACTICE and LIVE FIRE PRACTICE at acceptable targets.

I do dry and live fire on the target below:

It works for me.  There are others such as this one (old pistol target, 20 meters):

Enjoy your practicing, and take the Sarge's advice:

They're comin'....


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