Beware of the Seductress...

Just as Samson was seduced by Delilah, so can you be seduced by the internal desire you have to one degree or another to have all the latest, greatest, coolest, most technically advanced, and 'tacticool' weapons, gear, and associated support equipment available,  which, by necessity, will set you back many, many thousands of dollars,  usually. 

When sporty times come, the first thing you'll need to be able to do is actually use what you have.   The you have to be able to carry it all.  I mention this Nevada a great many,  "gear-a-holics" are not in the best shape.   Remember a good rule of thumb:  All your gear,  including weapons, ammo, equipment (all types), food and water shouldn't weigh more than about 65 or 70 pounds.  Then, if you're planning on being mobile, you should be ruckingin all sorts of weather over varying distances at a pace of no less than 3 miles an hour over relatively flat and clear routes. 

But, if you've been collecting gear, I urge you to load it all up in your best ruck, and see how fast and far you can carry it, and at the end, do some dry fire (or, if you have s range immediately available, wet fire).  Your results will be your report card, so to speak. 

Be objective, and you'll most likely be culling your load.  Which is a good thing.   Keep that which works and is worth the trade off on weight balanced against utility and sell the rest.

You'll be glad you did.   Remember you're not heavy infantry.   One thing about that seductress she'll never tell you until it's too late:  she's a ruthless whore that doesn't care a whit about you and will laugh as you lay on the ground wheezing to exhausted to protect yourself or anyone you care about....

And you can take that to the bank. 


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