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The Commies MIGHT Want to, "Take a Moment of Pause' after Watching this Short Video...

Found at Phil's site, here .  Thanks, Phil!!  What a great morale booster! They go ahead with their, 'burn it down' tantrum campaign, they could end up getting their feeeeewwwings all hurt.


The Rule of Law actually came out on top this time!!  OUTSTANDING!! !  Self-defense was validated and continues to be a right of free people! Congratulations, young man!  NOW , sue the collective asses of all those who tried to get you convicted in the press and defamed your family name, including Brandon!!

We Know What Comes Next...

From Bracken via WRSA .  

Sporky Time is Closer than a LOT of People Think!

  By way of WRSA .  Do spend the time to watch the video....interesting and instructive, to say the least! By Greg Hunter’s   Clif High is an Internet data mining expert who uses “Predictive Linguistics” and computer programs to sort through billions of bits of information on the Internet to predict future trends and events. High has had many freakishly correct predictions months and even years in advance.  In one prediction months ago, he said there would be increased traffic accidents that he named “vaxxidents,” and vehicle accidents recently reported are up more than 20% since the so-called vaccinations started.  Clif High says the good news is the globalists are failing.  The bad news is life is going to get much harder.  High explains, “We are talking about the failure of systems, and we are at that point right now.  This is the failure of systems to interact and work with each other.  I see the signs of the failure of the United States all over.  Even if there wa

Remain Standing!

 From the always excellent blog, " Tactical Hermit " Remain Standing On Veterans Day 2021, This is my Message to all Active Duty Military and Veterans alike being Betrayed by their own weak Government:     I intend to Remain Standing for as long as it takes to vanquish the Oppressor, to even the Stakes My Oath and my Honor to these Things I Hold True To Defend My Beliefs Until Death? Yes! This I will Do Make No mistake the Day of Reckoning will Soon Come When Traitors will Hang and Justice Be Done.

Celebrate the Veterans in Your Life....

Have a meaningful Veterans Day, brothers & sisters. Your countrymen/women still need, more than ever.

The Covid Long Game...

 H/T WRSA.  This is worth your time to read, along with the embedded links, if you haven't already done so. Capitalist Eric Truth is treason in an empire of lies. The COVID Long Game… The COVID-19 debacle has been written about so much, that there’s not much left to really talk about…  at least, about COVID itself. On one side of the coin… Rarely does anyone notice that the virus was an element of a much larger and well-developed plan, conceived back in the 1980’s and published in the  1992 Council of Rome book, “The First Global Revolution.”   Scroll to page 145, and you’ll see this: Indeed, during the 1976 “UN’s Habitat 1 Conference,” the Club of Rome stated “The Earth has cancer and the cancer is Man.” The globalist elites- whether they call themselves Bilderbergers, globalists, elitist, New World Order, take your pick- continue to use the word “sustainability,” with regard to the human race. Tree farmers use the same philosophy, in that they harvest and replant a certain amount

There's Just SOMETHING About .45 ACP Performance...

.45 ACP at 20 Yards - Ocular Cavity Practice I use and carry calibers that range from .38 Special all the way up to .50AE (use, but decidely DON'T carry - at least not concealed - a Desert Eagle doesn't lend itself to CC very well!) in a number of platforms that are reliable, shoot well, and are very accurate ranging from Kimber to Glock to S&W to Beretta; micro's to full-sized service pistols, and I'm confident with all of their performances within the ranges they're designed to excel within. BUT , the one caliber I use for self-defense with a side arm that gives me a warm, comfy feeling is the venerable .45 ACP,  ESPECIALLY  when loaded with 230gr Federal HST.  It's performance, at least to me, is just too special for words!  Now 9mm is fine (I carry them regularly also with Federal 124gr HST), but the .45's ease of shooting and accuracy of my .45 platforms is simply, well, gorgeous !  When it comes to platforms, my old Kimber Pro Carry II is edged out

Faust...err, "FAUCI" Needs to be Measured for His New Outfit and Sent to His New Resort...

  Via Fauci Must Be Fired and Arrested By  Joseph Mercola November 5, 2021 The crimes of Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), a division of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), is making news again as revelations of abusive research on dogs have surfaced. Interestingly, while many shrug at abuse of human beings, including the elderly, far fewer are willing to overlook the torture of dogs. In the video above, Kim Iversen makes the case that Fauci should resign or be fired over his repeated lies, questionable research ethics and mishandling of the pandemic. Many others have also chimed in on the matter. In an October 24, 2021, article 1  on Substack, Leighton Woodhouse points out that “Fauci has been abusing animals for 40 years,” and that “the stuff you’ve seen on social media barely scratches the surface.” The Beagle Experiments In one experiment that has raised public ire, beagles were sedated