There's Just SOMETHING About .45 ACP Performance...

.45 ACP at 20 Yards - Ocular Cavity Practice

I use and carry calibers that range from .38 Special all the way up to .50AE (use, but decidely DON'T carry - at least not concealed - a Desert Eagle doesn't lend itself to CC very well!) in a number of platforms that are reliable, shoot well, and are very accurate ranging from Kimber to Glock to S&W to Beretta; micro's to full-sized service pistols, and I'm confident with all of their performances within the ranges they're designed to excel within.

BUT, the one caliber I use for self-defense with a side arm that gives me a warm, comfy feeling is the venerable .45 ACP, ESPECIALLY when loaded with 230gr Federal HST.  It's performance, at least to me, is just too special for words!  Now 9mm is fine (I carry them regularly also with Federal 124gr HST), but the .45's ease of shooting and accuracy of my .45 platforms is simply, well, gorgeous!  When it comes to platforms, my old Kimber Pro Carry II is edged out on being carried more than my Glock 41 only because of magazine capacity.  I'll still carry the Kimber, though, because it's more slender than the Glock and conceals better with nicer clothing.

As always, YMMV - just my .02 on the caliber.


  1. Always been partial to Remington's Golden Saber line. My two cents as well.

  2. My EDC is a 41 and my CC is a 30.

    1. I vacillate between my 41 & Pro Carry II when carrying a .45....I simply shoot well with both, and really like the sight radius and additional ammo the 41 gives me.


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