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What's the Best Time to go to the Range?

     The range pictured above looks a lot like my local indoor range.  It's pretty nice.  In the last year, though, it's not the best place to go at 'peak times.' There's a reason:  Noobs and Knuckleheads.   During the last weapons/ammo panic, people were standing in lines to get a firearm...ANY firearm, and once purchased, had absolutely NO training, nor did they most likely get any, except on youtube.IAs many of you, I've seen it first hand.  So, adapt, improvise, and overcome, right? My range is small, only 10 lanes.  The divider walls of all the lanes, save one, have multiple holes from negligent discharges. So, first thing I do is start asking for Lane 10 when I pays my money.  Why, you ask?  Great question.  It's because Lane 10 is on the far right, and most shooters are right handed.  That means when they go to place a mag in their pistol and haven't been trained properly, they'll almost always point the barrel to their left (decidedly AWAY fr

Rediscovering the Joys of Rimfire and Dry Fire...

Ammo availability for replacing one's 'go to SHTF ammo' has had the effect, at least on me, to move to 22LR practice during at least half the time I go to the range.  This is becoming even more important as standard FMJ practice in practical calibers such as 9mm and .45ACP stay near, at, or over $1.00 per round. A great workaround that many know about, but relatively few are using (at least what I see on my ranges) is the venerable .22LR.  It's a great little round to shoot, and using it is kind to your wallet as well. Whether it's with a .22LR bolt gun or a CMMG 22 Adapter in my AR, or my Buckmark, I can still expend a hundred rounds in meaningful practice while focusing on the fundamentals of sight picture, sight alignment, breathing, trigger depression and follow through. I think a lot more people are going to be turning to the 22LR for their marksmanship maintenance activities.  Call it a hunch. We should all still be religiously doing our dry fire, too.  There&

Back Among the Living!

 Landed over here at blogger...yeah, I know, not optimum, but it's the easiest answer right now for me with things the way they are. Everything remains the same as it ever was; I was able to download all my content from the old blog, but don't have the savvy to upload it.  Working on that.   Still working on the format and sidebars; I truly appreciate your patience! Blog address is: More to follow as time goes on...