Back Among the Living!

 Landed over here at blogger...yeah, I know, not optimum, but it's the easiest answer right now for me with things the way they are.

Everything remains the same as it ever was; I was able to download all my content from the old blog, but don't have the savvy to upload it.  Working on that.  

Still working on the format and sidebars; I truly appreciate your patience!

Blog address is:

More to follow as time goes on...


  1. Is it too early to hit the 'report abuse' button? ;-)
    Welcome back!

  2. Whoa. Just discovered this blog, referenced at NCRenegades. This, and simlar sites, need to be much more widely known among patriots.

    Also: if there is not one, there needs to be a short, simple, easy-to-read PDF which explains to those who have not yet awakened to what's happening to our country, why they need to acquire the tools and skills discussed here. And in particular, why all patriots under 35 who have not yet done their military service, need to enlist in the National Guard.

  3. Survival. Its the only thing available welcome back

  4. Just saw the link on WRSA. Glad you did not go away completely!


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