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From "Black Guns Matter"...

 Via Fox News . "The gun control debate was done when the Second Amendment was written. It's not a debate anymore. It never was a debate," the gun rights activist and educator said. "There's people that will pretend as if they're an authority. The framework of this place is clear: Government is not the authority. So when they're asking for more gun control or asking us to support it, I say that the government and the state is morally bankrupt." .................... " How are you going to get them from us? How are you going to get them? You can f— around and find out," the Black Guns Matter founder added. "Anyone that doesn't understand that basic concept should actually crack open the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and have a better understanding of the reason why this is important for safe and responsible gun ownership."

PSA - Instant Incapacitation of an Attacker...

  First, I forget where I got this graphic; it's been a long while.  It's good though, for this post's purposes.  For the uninitiated, or new prepper, protector, defender, NPT member, etc (whatever your group calls the new guys), 'CNS' stands for 'Central Nervous System'. There are three ways to achieve instant incapacitation with a firearm against an attacker:  Shoot them in one of the 3 places as outlined above. Other descriptions of the targets (and very effective if a bad actor is shot there) are: FRONT:  The Occular Cavity SIDE:  The Temple (just a smidge toward the top of the ear) REAR:  Medula Oblongata (where the brain stem resides at the top of the spine where the brain joins the spinal column. A shot in any of these three locatations brings about catastropic INSTANT failure of all systems in the body.  Put another way:  "Instant Rag Doll."  There's no last chance to pull a trigger, say 'good bye,' "I'm sorry," or

Denninger Cuts Right to the Chase...

From here Short,  sweet, and definitely to the point!

Absence and Other Stuff

  Yes; it's true.  I haven't written a thing in just under a month.  No particular reason, other than I don't know if there's anything I can add to the conversation at this point.   I'm physically fine ; recovering from a second, but much less severe bout of the 'coof', will return to work in a few days, and try to get to the point of working out again somewhat quickly, in this, our possibly last summer of 'normalcy' (as I believe November has has some bad portents attached to it), being that it is evident TPTB want all this confusion and unrest.  See Herschel's piece, here , for more detail. So, what I don't want to become is yet another blog that breathlessly regurgitates the news a day or a week after it's been published on just about every other blog or news site. Before, and after I get over the 'coof', I'll be busy doing the LGOP (Little Groups of Patriots) development thing, one person at a time, identifying, persuading