From "Black Guns Matter"...

 Via Fox News.

"The gun control debate was done when the Second Amendment was written. It's not a debate anymore. It never was a debate," the gun rights activist and educator said. "There's people that will pretend as if they're an authority. The framework of this place is clear: Government is not the authority. So when they're asking for more gun control or asking us to support it, I say that the government and the state is morally bankrupt."


"How are you going to get them from us? How are you going to get them? You can f— around and find out," the Black Guns Matter founder added. "Anyone that doesn't understand that basic concept should actually crack open the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and have a better understanding of the reason why this is important for safe and responsible gun ownership."



  2. Best thing I've seen all day. Thank you.

  3. Better in my time so my grandkids can have liberty and not war . I choose war . Now ! Come and take 'em !


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