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Yes; it's true.  I haven't written a thing in just under a month.  No particular reason, other than I don't know if there's anything I can add to the conversation at this point.   I'm physically fine; recovering from a second, but much less severe bout of the 'coof', will return to work in a few days, and try to get to the point of working out again somewhat quickly, in this, our possibly last summer of 'normalcy' (as I believe November has has some bad portents attached to it), being that it is evident TPTB want all this confusion and unrest.  See Herschel's piece, here, for more detail.

So, what I don't want to become is yet another blog that breathlessly regurgitates the news a day or a week after it's been published on just about every other blog or news site.

Before, and after I get over the 'coof', I'll be busy doing the LGOP (Little Groups of Patriots) development thing, one person at a time, identifying, persuading, and teaching new 'trad' converts how to become self-sufficient (surprisingly, there are a LOT of people who are willing to listen one on one - most likely because their profile remains low), acquire and safely use and become proficient with their personal defense tools, how to very subtly increase their chances by developing their own networks, and really learn that people can live next to each other while having different values and help each other.  You know, by respecting private property, our natural rights, and those of others.  Being respectful to those we converse with while being ready to defend ourselves and those we care for is key here.

For those of you who have asked my status, my sincere thanks; I appreciate your concern very much!

I'll be writing more as things become more interesting, but I think they'll be focused on fundamental skills vice news items that take us further down the road.  I may also post anecdotal observations based on raw information coming from various folks I know in various industries.

Thanks for your patience.

Keep up your dry fire and weapons nomenclature training along with everything else you need to get through the coming winter.


  1. Glad to hear you are somewhat OK.
    Things are about to get really, really ugly pal.

  2. Glad to hear what you are and getting ready to do. Looking forward to reading postings from you. Prayers for you and yours. God speed!


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