The Commies MIGHT Want to, "Take a Moment of Pause' after Watching this Short Video...

Found at Phil's site, here.  Thanks, Phil!!  What a great morale booster!

They go ahead with their, 'burn it down' tantrum campaign, they could end up getting their feeeeewwwings all hurt.


  1. Would like this to be true but it appears to be a photoshop job with a sporting event on the TV.

    1. Maybe so.... but as they used to say when starting a reply good western, "Most of this is true, and what isn't ought to be!"

      The sentiment displayed has been played out across the entire country; I've spoken with people from East to West, North to South, and all conservatives I know of are celebrating the verdict.

      The commies? I don't talk to them. Besides, they're busy planning their next tantrum.

  2. Well, it was true it the cab of my truck when I heard the verdict on the radio.

  3. I think it's funny. All those YTs cheering for Rittenhouse are in a sports bar: a temple to the holy negro sportsbaw player.


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