Magazine Maintenance - It's ALL the Rage!!


Rifle or pistol; doesn't matter.  This is THE best time to start your mag cleaning tasks.  Everyone you clean today will have a performance buffer built in.  Don't forget to check for bent feed lips, spring exhaustion, and cracks in the follower.

I do about a half dozen every day, if I have nothing else going.  Even the loaded mags - dump the ammo, clean the mag, change the mag out to one that's not been loaded, and put it back where you got it.

You won't regret it.

An aside:  Putting 30 rounds in a standard AR mag and storing it does NOT cause the spring to weaken.  Metallurgy will tell us that over-compression of the spring (like putting 31 rounds in it and leaving it, will cause the spring to become exhausted.  

I've kept my 'stand-by's' loaded for a year at a  time, minimum, and randomly take one to the range; fire it, with absolutely no failures to feed.

Just sayin'.


  1. I have done the same, and no failures either. As an aside, I've taken some loaded magpuls to the range last year that were fully loaded for more than 11 years. Fired them all, and nary a hiccup or stoppage. Same with 4 aluminum ones, of various manufacture. All good. I also maintain rehab parts of new followers and springs, and I routinely rehab old and damaged mags for myself and others. And thanks for talking about this. The rumor mill destroys common sense and reality.

    1. If it ain't in magazines and bandoliers, it might as well be on the other side of the country. Keep on keeping your mags loaded, brother.


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