Vitamin D Saves Lives....who'dathunkit?!?!?!?!


H/T Vox Popoli.

Add Vitamin C, A, Selenium, and Zinc, and it virtually 'bombproofs' your system against the wuhan flu.  Take your D and Zinc at night though.  My Naturopath has me doing 10-12K IU of D3 daily, and Vitamin C to stomach tolerance - about 6 - 8 K IU daily.  Zinc is 15mg, A is standard dose, as is Selenium.  Add standard hygiene, and voila!  Have not had so much as a sniffle - I don't mask unless absolutely required to get things I need to purchase, I shake hands, and I'm always within 6 feet of people.  

Vitamin D actually saves lives

While the so-called "vaccines" are actually killing hundreds, if not thousands of people. It's not a mystery what is the real motivation behind pushing the shots, and it obviously isn't "saving lives" or the governments would be mandating Vitamin D supplements for everyone instead of trying to modify their genes.

Vitamin D reduces Covid-19 deaths by 60 per cent, a study has found, as MP David Davis today called for the therapy to be rolled out in hospitals immediately to 'save many thousands of lives.' The study evaluated the effectiveness of calcifediol - a Vitamin D3 - on more than 550 people admitted to the Covid-19 wards of the Hospital del Mar in Barcelona, Spain. 

Subjects were randomly assigned as either recipients of the calcifediol treatment or as controls on admission, before receiving five doses of the vitamin in increasing intervals of two, four, eight and 15 days. 

The research, published by the Social Science Research Network, found Covid-19 patients given doses of Vitamin D were 80 per cent less likely to require ICU treatment. Those from the University of Barcelona also concluded that 'adjusted results showed a reduced mortality of more than 60 per cent' for those who were given the calcifediol treatment. 

Now why do I suspect that those questioning this science - which is actual scientody as opposed to the scientistry of reading press releases from Big Pharma - aren't going to find themselves banned from social media?


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