What do the More Modern Warriors think is a workable solution for a 'do all' Ruck?

Before anything, let me say that, yes, I know that equipment/kit should be chosen on METT-TC considerations.  That's a given.  

However, the question posed due to considerations the miles and miles of advancement in rifle carriers and rucks even in the last 10 to 15 years.  Say for example, the needs of a team member carrying a ruck. a DSM rifle, and an AR/AK in either a survival or tactical team situation.   

There's the Eberlestock solution, from their company located in Boise, Idaho.  They make really great packs; I have one of their hunting packs, and it's really superb!

Here's their concept in a picture - a good sized, balanced ruck with a weapons carrier that is mounted and can be dismounted and used as a drag bag if necessary (and they have several models to choose from in various sizes:

This particular model is a LRRP capable ruck at 4100 cubic inches in the pack and the weapons carrier coming in a size that will take most rifles outfitted for accuracy.  Weighs in all told at about 10 pounds.  It qualifies as a, "I am leaving and never coming back to this location," pack.

Here's another company's offering:

More of a hunting set up, but still, it could work, except for the balance issue.  Have to work that out in the packing of the ruck.

Then, there's another option.  The really good drag bag that can be carried with shoulder straps and a waist belt.  How that would work with another ruck, no matter who makes it, would have to be experimented with.

Or another option would be to have a simply thin padded rifle case and lash the DSM rifle to the back of your current ruck, like, for example, the surplus FILBE I use.  Very comfortable pack; lots of room for stuff (in fact, I have to be super vigilant not to overpack snivel gear) in the following priority:  ammo, water, food, other stuff.  Here's one, again from Eberlestock, that might work, lashed to the outside rear of the ruck:

If the above were the choice, I'd opt for the cover to keep the rifle clean and dry during transport, as well as padded on all sides, especially as I was carrying an AR/AK for immediate response.

As countless others before me have said, "everything is a trade off...." so none of these options are perfect.

I'd really be interested in what the more modern and experienced warriors have to say on this subject.



  1. I use a eberlestock gunslinger 2, for bow hunting mostly for a 22 rifle for small game options when I'm around camp but I've used it for ar or bolt action rifles for extended stays it does the job well and u can remove the hip belt to ride better with web gear if I had the money I'd get one of there bigger packs with the built in scabbard.

    1. Thanks for the insight; so maybe a Terminator or Operator? By the by, the Terminator is on sale currently.

  2. DTG,
    I just went through months of the same search you are currently on. Since I was leaning more towards the survival aspect but with possibility of other incognito activities, I went with a more traditional backpacking pack. My final decision was the Gregory Stout 60. Fantastic suspension, green color is perfect(even the included rain cover is OD green), built like a brick outhouse(lifetime warranty, excellent zippers, and double layer bottom panel), and most importantly, height allows for even a 20" AR to be carried when separated at the pins. With just a little practice and planning, you can unpack and assemble in a matter of seconds. Probably just as fast if not faster than unstrapping from the rigs you have pictured above. Plenty of room left over for sleeping bag, food, stove, small tent, clothing, etc. It draws no strange looks as it blends in perfectly with the modern thru-hiker look. Just one option but worth your time to check out.


  3. I have gotten good use from the Tactical Tailor Tahoma Rucksack, which seems to have been renamed to RR2600 Assault Malice Pack, in wilderness camping, ruck march events, and shooting sports events.

    It has points to carry a long gun or other equipment securely on either side of the pack but does not protect them full coverage like many that you posted do. I use a heavily padded scope cover and have not had it be an issue yet.

    1. Thanks! I had forgotten about TT. I'll go see what they have.

    2. I had the TT Tahoma Tote-great ruck. Had a MALICE, too-both of which were on the 1606AC frame. Sold it recently and got the Savotta Jaakari large.
      One of the issues that I have quite often is balancing the comfort of a long-backed ruck with a hip belt, versus the need of a short-backed ruck that can sit atop the back pouches of beltkit for dismounted patrolling.
      Last night, I pulled my medium ALICE out of my truck, moved its contents to my old (as in went to Iraq in '05 with me old) SpecOps Brand THE Rucksack, and repurposed the medium ALICE to be the short-backed ruck with beltkit.

  4. Been rucking and backpacking since Boy Scouts. I’ve used many packs over the years, most recently Kifaru. Their “gun bearer” system is superb. Pack are heavy but bombproof. Two years ago a switched to a Stone glacier pack. Designed to hunt and pack heavy loads (think dead elk). The pack is on an entirely different level. The suspension and adjustability put everything else I’ve ever tried to shame. They have a gun carrier that works well but is not as fast as the kifaru if you need the rifle in a hurry. My optimal long term ruck would be stone glacier with their gun carrier for my DSM and a light carbine on the same pack (opposite side) in a gun bearer. Only bad news is the price tag. Buy one with cry once.

  5. Check out Kifaru's selection once you use one you will not go back , proven designs , very modular and American made in Colorado , and some are proven in Combat by Spec ops guys in the GWOT. Lifetime Warranty and excellent customer service . Hill people gear is another solid choice made in the USA.
    I have a Kifaru X-ray 3 day assault pack that's 12 years old still looks new I used it daily as a contractor for 9 years and didn't baby it. It even got run over by a Humvee.

  6. Given the requirements you've outlined I'd have to go with one of the Eberlestock options. I've used one with a 20 inch Barrett or a Browning M1919A4. The 1919 with tripod will fit in the carrier but not all that well. It's a crew served weapon so splitting the load between 2 packs would be best. If it'll handle that I'd say it will fit your needs. I can't think of a better way to handle a precision rifle and carbine caliber pistol at the same time and that sounds like what you are asking about. In any case if be interested in hearing your eventual decision.


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