My Answer to Outrageously Expensive 'Micro Rigs'

 I'm sure they're great products, but I've found that for what I want it for, here's the best option that doesn't cost $200 after shipping/tax.

Blackhawk split front chest rig:  $30 + S/T

Two each 25 round drop open 12 ga pouches:  $25 all in

One or tTwo each USGI surplus 100 rd SAW pouch;  $25 all in if you go with two

So far, you've got $80 invested, and that's if you don't go to flea markets, garage sales, or swap meets to get them more cheaply.

You win.  You save $120-ish.

Here's a picture of mine; the only difference is that mine isn't a split front.  Looks a tad crowded, but when you put it on, the curvature of the chest/torso makes everything space out just right.

Between the scatter gun (8+1), the side saddle (6), and the 75 rounds on the micro rig, I'm good for a riot or two.  90 rounds total, 30 slugs, the rest a mix of 00 Buck and duplex turkey rounds.

What are you thinking?


  1. "Good for a riot or two". So this is what we will wear when it's our turn to riot?

    1. I can't say what anyone else will wear or use, but I'm inclined when faced with large crowds throwing molotovs, bricks, and so on, at occupied homes in my little corner of the world. Personally, I think the above kit and associated scatter gun would be a good addition to the neighborhood protection team capability repertoire...

    2. It's for when - whether thru bad decisions on your part or bad luck or circumstances you are unable to avoid or escape the situation and the mob of rioters have targeted you as someone they will beat into a coma or death.
      As every reputable martial arts school teaches, it is best to avoid conflict and leave the situation at the first sign of trouble. As even a bad ass martial artist, you want to avoid "unsanctioned fights outside of the ring" - because the other side may have a weapon you don't know about until after you are fatally wounded, their friends nay get involved, and even if you prevail there are the legal problems afterwards with being criminally charged and also sued.
      However, if you are suddenly overwhelmed by an unplanned and unforeseen bad situation and your choices are to either fight back and hope you survive vs not fight back and hope you survive, if you are going to fight back your guns gear and ammo only need to last for the duration of that action.

  2. fan of open front gear too. sometimes you need to get low, real low. folks are too caught up in gear. back in the day the "freedom fighters" we taught did just fine with an old field jacket. couple of mags, couple of frags, lunch and a cup for water was all they needed and fit in the pockets.
    well, they liked their machetes too, but that's another subject.

    1. I think we are of the same generation. Today's preference for 'safety' weighs down the individual with so much garbage that they can't move quickly enough to avoid fire, let alone go prone and blend into the micro terrain....

    2. I'm thinking that these rigs are made in China at that price. I'm not going to defend myself against the forces arrayed against me by Xho Bai-den by putting money in the pocket of him and his crime family. Buy American - the money you "save" buying Chinese will work against you more than the low price will work for you.

    3. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion and choices - great thing about America. I'm not fond of Chinese goods, either, but balancing the amount and intensity of use and how long other things I've gotten have lasted, these'll do.

      Paying $200 for kit that was sewn or assembled in the US with material made in China (unless certified the material was made in the US) isn't much different in my book.


    4. @La Mano
      I hear you and share your frustration with Americans buying Chinese imports - but (to use a somewhat silly made up example) if what I have available to me when I am in dire straits is an American made ball point pen vs a Chinese pistol or rifle, I'm going with what is going to be most effective. If it's taking an exam I haven't prepared myself for it will be the pen. If in a situation facing people who want to kill me it will be the firearm, no matter of what parentage.
      You can always do what I did and go to the local military surplus store get some Vietnam era load bearing equipment - USMC term was 782 gear - components were also called LC2 gear - the waist belt, suspenders/harness (the H style not the Y style), several mag pouches, first aid kit, canteen, metal canteen cup and canteen pouches, small accessory pouches.
      When you put it all on you're suddenly 22 years old and fit and fighting commies again, except this time in CONUS instead of in VN.
      Well, that last part about being younger and fitter I made up, but the point being we are older and wiser now and should be able to make do with what we have, with modifications as necessary.
      To my way of thinking, the cheap Chinese stuff is for those late to the party with nothing better available to them due to cost or time or other circumstances - sort of like buying your hiking boots, tent, sleeping bag, camp stove and all the other camping stuff at a Wal-Mart on the way driving to the camp site because you were too busy to do any preparation before you left for vacation. It may work (if not sold out) but will last for the duration of a weekend hiking/camping trip.


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