So....BLM says, 'Cities are gonna burn' if Chovin isn't convicted...


And I'm shocked, SHOCKED, I say, regarding this latest threat!!

Thank you, BLM, for warning the country of what you intend to do in case a jury decides the FACTS don't warrant a conviction.

Too bad that the NFAC 'Bull Pup' expert isn't there to help you and give you some lessons in how to handle a 'bull pup' when the bolt is open....just sayin'

Bear Bussjaeger has details, here.

Make sure you click on the link of this 'person's' tik-tok.


  1. Exactly why I now carry a truck gun in addition to my EDC.

  2. They will burn if he is convicted. Plan accordingly. They've been training all winter long. And rumor has it, they're headed to the burbs.


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