Whatever You Do in Your Quest to Find Ammo...

I thought it timely that an ammoland.com article today dealt with ammo scammers.  Timely, because I fell victim to a scam, my desire for a lot of ammo at a reasonable price overriding the red flags that were popping up all over.  So, I followed the instructions, and right on schedule, my funds were gone (used a gift card) and the ammo not shipped.  Of course, the company SWEARS it was shipped from ALASKA, but no confirmation number nor carrier ID at all.

So, no whining, I learned an awful lot.  You, dear reader, please profit from my folly and do NOT go to raniersec.com and subsequently Vanillagift.com to buy ammo, even if they offer it FREE.  They're about one of the best scams I've ever seen.  Everything on the site looks legit.  You even get all the confirmation email traffic from a legit business email site:  Received Order, Order Processing, Order Shipped, Order Complete.

Everything's good...until you check to see if the card shows your purchase and find out that it was spent somewhere else....like Apple.

Thankfully, I was able to dispute the charge with my CC company, and I won't lose anything.  The ammo company?  They won't answer email, phone calls, or their 'immediate response' chat app.  After badgering them with email on the tracking number, they responded once, with an unpunctuated, very informal note, that said, "your order ships tomorrow".  The gift card company doesn't have a 'contact us' phone number (for some strange reason).  Personally, I think Raniersec and the gift card company are partners.

First time I've been fooled; I don't plan on it happening again.  Please don't let it happen to you.  Check everything on any site you've not purchased from in the past.


  1. I urge you to report them for fraud at https://complaint.ic3.gov/default.aspx

    Evidence: https://www.bbb.org/us/ak/anchorage/profile/high-risk-behavior-practices/raniersec-1296-1000105551

    No such corporation as "RainierSec" exists: https://www.commerce.alaska.gov/cbp/main/search/entities

    1. Thanks for the links! I will do JUST that!

  2. Check out the image that "RanierSEC" uses for their supposed storefront:



    Now look at this:


    Then take a look at the street address for "RanierSEC" on Google Maps. Compare the Street View to the supposed storefront photo.

    Iceland has extremely strong privacy laws, and doesn't respond to requests for domain ownership data from any United States LE/intel agencies. Guess where RanierSEC.com is hosted?


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