Why I Like Full-Sized Service Pistols....

Like the 1911 or the Beretta M9 or the Glock 17 or the Glock 41.

Two .45s and two 9mms.  Assume projectile weight for the .45s is  230gr and the 9mms is 124gr.  With these bullet weights, all four pistols maximum  effective range with standard ball (FMJ) ammunition is 50 meters (or yards, which is a bit less - could be a bit more, but most folks don't train enough to get beyond the 'magic 50').  An average shot with the pistols above can easily hit a human torso at 50 m/yds repeatedly.  Imagine how good he or she can get with one of the above with full-powered 'defensive' ammunition like the superb Federal HST or Hydra-Shok?

Now, you may be thinking, "If the bad actor is that far away, why am I not using a carbine/rifle?"  That's really a good question, but the point of the opening paragraph is that if you know your pistol's capabilities and train with it, and it's also a full-sized service pistol, you have increased your circumference of influence in a bad situation.  If you normally train to 25 meters as your maximum engagement range, you'll double it by working out to 50 meters, obviously....according to old school math, anyway.

Back to the question about the carbine/rifle for just a minute....ask yourself, "What if I don't have that with me when I'm in that situation" (whatever you're wargaming 'that situation' to be)?

Full-sized also means a longer barrel (5 inches, give or take an 1/4 of an inch) and a longer sight radius (more forgiving and thus, more accurate) which  works in the shooter's favor.  Yeah, a bit more difficult to conceal, but everything's a trade-off, right?

That's why I prefer a full-sized pistol for EDC whenever possible.  Sure, I carry the smaller pistols, and even a 'micro 9mm' when I've got no other choice due to environments or venues, but if I DO have a choice, I take the full-sized pistol.

Something to think about....


  1. Love my G41 !! It is my EDC because nothing says I Love You like a 230 grain fatboy !

  2. I concur with your assessment, I'm a big guy with large hands. The small pistols just don't work for me.

  3. I concur with your statements. My personal choice is an RIA Commander sized .45 1911. It covers over a little easier, and the 3/4 inch lost on barrel and sight radius is a fair trade off. I use 185 JHP as my carry loads.

  4. Fully agree, Went from a 1911A1 and Combat Commander to a 3" officers model, got rid of that thing asap. Much easier to make hits with a full size.
    Now carry a G23 or G20.
    I've seen guys buy these micro pistols for their wives who won't carry or shoot one because they kick too much. Kinda self defeating.


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