Been OTR...

 Apparently COVID concerns are small to miniscule when it comes to my company and our clients, LOLOL!!  I've been flying since my last post every week for a few days and will continue for the next two weeks, same cadence.  Then, when on the ground, numerous spread sheets and deliverables....SO, gotta pay the bills.  

I did have time, however, yesterday and today, to hit the range, both pistol and Sporting Clays.  200 rounds in 2 days.  Nothing relaxes like busting caps!!

All weapons are clean, reloaded (gotta be ready, doncha know?) and put where they belong while in stand-by status.

Hope you and yours are doing well; I'll be posting as time permits in the next 7 to 10 days.

For those of you who asked, 'THANK YOU!'  I'm not in the hospital, infected with Chink Virus, or dead.  

I am, as former .mil are prone to say, "Good To Go!"....


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