Pragmatic Thought Here...

 I've been noticing a good amount of 'best rounds for personal defense/SHTF/Mutant Zombie Biker Apocalypse/Going to the Grocery Store.

My answer, though I have my favorites in numbers that allow me to stay proficient in their use, is this:

"The best rounds for personal defense in all situations are the ones you have loaded in your weapon and spare magazines.  Period."

The rounds in your weapon and mags trump all those others say that you MUST have to protect yourself, because should you be attacked, they're the rounds you're sending down the pipe at the bad guy.

There you go. 


  1. What's this?
    Common sense?
    I thought we had a talk about this buddy.

  2. One more common sense thing regardless of the ammo type you use....If they keep doing the thing that made you shoot them in the first place, shoot them again....(regrets to Clint Smith for a bad paraphrase)


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