Bringing Back an Old War Horse...

 Specifically, my Kimber Pro Carry.  

It's had a LOT of rounds through it, and over the years, the tritium night sights grew dim; the op rod spring grew old and weak, and basically, it ended up in an 'undisclosed location' as a last resort pistol.

Sooooo, long story short, I put a new set of tritiums on it, a Wilson Combat flat wire spring op rod spring & guide kit in it, and bought a few new Chip McCormick (RIP) magazines.

Shoots flawlessly.  Accurate as the day is long.  More accurate than my Glock 19.  Ugly as the day is long, too, but the beauty is in the function.  And it eats anything I put in the mag.  

Makes a man happy.  Just sayin'


  1. Gives a guy the Warm Fuzzies don't it?

  2. Most Certainly! 'Specially when it's loaded with 230gr Federal HST rounds!!

  3. A friend of mine, a retired Chief of Police in Texas, was asked by his officers when he got the job what firearm he wanted them to carry. He said he didn't care as long as it started with 4 and ended with 5.

    1. That there is a wise Chief!

    2. Do you still have the stock plastic sights on your Glock? My EDC is a G19. Mainly so I don't rust or scratch a 1911. LOL. Anyway, I put Dawson Precision sights on it and improved the accuracy a bunch. Nice to hear your report on the Kimber. I'm looking for a Commander sized 1911 to carry that's not an expensive gun.

  4. Nope. I have Tru Glo tritiums on it. It's very accurate, but gets edged by the Kimber. Good luck finding your Commander or similar.


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