Miles Guo: 20 June 2021 - A Warning to the West

He's been pretty spot on with his earlier warnings...worth reading, especially if you believe the CCP is already at war with the US.  Especially if you believe the 'injection' is designed to weaken individual immune systems.  Especially if you believe the summer hasn't even STARTED yet...

Emphasis added.  It's difficult to read the translation from Chinese into English, but the warning is clear:  They're going to do it again.  This time, it's obvious they've got the entire Xi Biden administration in lock step, at least IMHO.  Updated:  Found a better formatted translation.

Warning to the World: the CCP is Preparing Another Biological/Chemical Weapons Attack

Himalaya Toronto Maple Leaf Farm: Liberte

Miles Guo reveals new intelligence which is paraphrased below:

In the summer and fall of this year, there may be another release of a virus in the United States and Europe. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) knows very well that after the G7 meeting, the truth about the global infection and death by the virus will finally be discovered, and that political collusion and bribery will no longer work. When the West is close to knowing the truth, they are going to invade Taiwan to fight back. An internal CCP meeting decided that whenever the West threatened them with economic sanctions and war, they will use all of their biological and chemical weapons. The biochemical weapons they used in India were very successful. Now that they have used this weapon, they have to make the enemy fearful. Hopefully, all the elites in the West will do what they can to prevent it.

As the world is concerned about the truth of the virus, and there is no way to solve the problem, the CCP will invade Taiwan. Through war the CCP hopes to change current international alliances, and then negotiate another political and economic deal. The CCP hopes to cover up the truth of the virus by means of war, and thereby hide it from the world.

What is the Chinese Communist Party doing these days? Within the last four weeks, thousands of CCP state security people have been implementing a plan to take all the computers and cell phones of the 300,000 Americans in Hong Kong, and the 180,000-220,000 Americans in mainland China, and localize them all. This way they will accomplish massive surveillance and data gathering on U.S. persons in China and Hong Kong

The CCP is in a quasi-war situation. This is the same as the preparations before the war in Iraq, and the Libyan war. War preparations, food, foreign exchange stockpiling, stockpiling war preparations in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, making deployments in some sensitive places in the world. Preparations were made to use the navy to perform suicide attacks against the US and Japan.

The Communists have more than biological weapons, they have chemical weapons. Biochemical weapons are very easy to make and spread. Chemical weapons are not only released by missiles, but the CCP has the technology to release chemical and biological weapons silently and untraceable. The CCP has the means to chemically attack all water sources, electricity, and natural water sources in the G7 countries. The CCP wants to warn the West by renewing attacks on the West with chemical and biological weapons, while at the same time kidnapping Chinese communist nationals as hostages.

I hope none of this happens, but with the CCP, we tend to get the opposite result. They never believe that peace and goodness have any value to them, they only believe in violence and deception. The Sino-British agreement with Hong Kong, the Sino-European agreement, the Sino-American agreement, anyone who wishes to collude with the CCP, you will pay for it. The CCP aggression against Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Tibet tells you the truth. The New Federal State of China, under no circumstances will be afraid and will stand with the civilized society of the West.

Miles concluded: “Don’t trust me, but verify it”.


  1. I believe the cyber exercise event is coming up just like the pandemic exercise right before the kung flu hit.


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