On 'Boomer' Bashing...

Warning: Rant ahead.

Full disclosure:  I'm a 'Baby Boomer.'  Born in 1955.    

Some basic facts on me:  Educated 50/50 in private and public schools.  Entered the military 1 week post high school graduation.  No safety net.  I either made it in the military or I was on my own.  No 'transition' space was offered or asked for.  Was eligible for welfare (while in the active duty military as a staff NCO) until Reagan gave all branches an across the board 14% pay raise in '81.  Never took a dime of welfare money.  Worked part-time during 'off duty' hours to make ends meet.   Retired as a Master Sergeant; had a job the day I became 'retired.'  Not been out of a job for more than a short while (twice, because I moved), been politically astute and active, registered voter, father of two productive adult children, grandfather to eight.   I raised my children to make their own lives and depend upon no one else.  Just.  As. I. Did.  I also support various charities from church to 'anti-infanticide' organizations.  I'm no different from MILLIONS of my generation.  That makes me a 'trad-American,' in my book.  The kind that still gets goose flesh when listening to the National Anthem.  The kind that still believes the Constitution works, when the People enforce it.

Now, all you boomer bashers, I have a few rhetorical questions for you (and if you choose to comment, reasoned, rational dialogue welcome, however, you go vitriolic or ad hominem, your comment won't see the light of day AND you'll be banned):  

  • What exactly do you have against what I've described that MILLIONS of Americans of my generation did?  
  • What exactly have YOU done that's so much better?  
  • What problems have YOU solved?

The country is falling apart on YOUR watch.  The most tyrannical government we've ever had is being shepherded by Millennials and Gen X'rs.  The most diabolical surveillance state ever witnessed on this planet was developed on YOUR watch.  "Karen" is YOUR daughter, not ours.

It's easy to lay a blanket of blame on a generation that 99% of which had absolutely ZERO control on events or reactions to those events, except to hunker down and keep those who we are charged with protecting, protected.  

Ya might want to clean up your own house before you start laying shit on other peoples' doorsteps.

PS:  When you finally have the balls to act out your 'Day of the Pillow' fantasy, you MIGHT just find that I have a .45ACP under mine....and you'll feel it...for a second, as the barrel presses against your forehead.  Just sayin'....

Rant off.


  1. If I hear "OK Boomer" one more time I may not be responsible for my actions. I received this reply on Instagram a couple days ago from some youngster. "OK Boomer, another old guy with know knowledge". How can you even reply to that?

    1. I hear you. I find it ironic that in your quote (unless it's a typo from transcription) that the youngster would say, "know" knowledge, instead of 'no knowledge.' Who doesn't possess knowledge? Not the boomer in this case. :-)

    2. No typo. That's exactly how he spelled it. Kids these days, spending all that time discovering what the identify as, is taking it's toll on Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic. Future leaders of America.

    3. He probably doesn't get, "the irony.....it burns." ROFLMAO

  2. This whole brouhaha is actually funny to watch, with NAXALT theory getting everybody all riled up.

    It's even better than the city/rural divide, because it affects almost everybody that reads it and provokes a knee-jerk vicious reaction.

    My older recently-retired in-laws have been staying with us until their home is delivered. He literally can't figure out how to use a ratchet strap, and a few years back I got a brand new torque wrench when he snapped the blade-mount bolt on his riding mower and the John Deere dealer told him he should give his tools away.

    I view this all as a distraction from the Usual Suspects that have been knocking the supports of a functional, cohesive, productive society out from under it for well over 100 years, with the end result being Kings of the Ash Heap.

    It won't be long until events conspire the winnowing of the wheat from the chaff of all generations.

    I guess then the whole debate will finally get settled once and for all, with prejudice.

  3. I'm thinking you must have visited the same blogger I did. Excellent rant btw.
    It seems we both had the same reaction more or less.


    1. I updated that post to include a link to yours because your response to that Day Of The Pillow nonsense is just epic.
      Wish I had thought of that.

    2. Thanks; I really enjoyed your post as well.

      Great minds and all that. :-)

    3. That was awesome, DTG. Ohio Guy

  4. Well said. I are one of those old boomers also.

  5. "PS: When you finally have the balls to act out your 'Day of the Pillow' fantasy, you MIGHT just find that I have a .45ACP under mine....and you'll feel it...for a second, as the barrel presses against your forehead. Just sayin'...."

    What you failed to understand from his blog is that the day of the pillow isn't something the younger generations are going to do to you, but something the immigrants you imported will. The .45 will be taken from you as you will be declared a dependent and mentally incompetent before being placed in a home with the said immigrants. You'll be lucky if the pillow is made in America as cutting cost is a necessary evil with the depreciated value of the money you didn't leave us.

    1. Yeah....good luck to them on that.

    2. They don't need luck, they need about 15 years of continued immigration.

      The powers in both major parties are flooding the country with replacement migrants. Those immigrants generally vote blue, and they DISLIKE the 2A. Many of them also dislike the 1A. Immigrants from Africa, Asia (etc) are NOT pro gun. The Pew research polls clearly show this.

      Meaning that in a few years, there will be enough people to repeal the 2A. The NRA and the Republicans refuse to discuss this, but the math is clear.

      Demographics are destiny.

  6. Xers, being born in the Baby Bust between the Baby Boom and the Little Baby Boom went straight from being outnumbered by Boomers to being outnumbered by Millennials. It never has been and never will be their watch.

    In political and economic terms they are a lost generation.

    And yeah, they're pissed off about it.

  7. Salutes to you, sir. Anyone who sticks in Theodore "Vox Day" Beale's craw is golden in my book. He has featured your post on his blog, so expect his vile, mindless minions to show up here soon.

    I will link your post on the r/gammasecretkings subreddit. We make sport of annoying Mr. Beale as well.

  8. Proudly 🇺🇸🇮🇱June 19, 2021 at 11:58 AM

    Let’s not forget we Boomers did the best thing in history: we proudly stand with Israel ����

  9. I too am a 1955 Boomer, many of the same details, especially successful children. I have left my children with a non-functioning society, I allowed the government to be taken over, along with my churches, schools and all the civic organizations by creatures that previously were institutionalized. We as a nation are bankrupt financially & morally. I am a lonely sole as I tell people the facts.

  10. It's not entirely fair to blame the boomers for a lot of the current degeneracy. The changes to the US immigration act (where the ADL, Jacob Javits and others opened the floodgates to the third world) were even more a product of the 'greatest generation'. HOWEVER, the boomers did little to oppose it. The fact is that the 70s were the decade to fight immigration and affirmative action.

    The boomers and greatest generation sat there and watched as millions of people from the third world flooded into the country. Even worse, affirmative action programs (originally marketed as a way to help blacks) were extended to these immigrants.

    So the boomers were fine with their jobs and pensions, but their children now faced discrimination in employment. Why should a Pakistani or Indian have preferential hiring over white Americans?? They have no history of discrimination in the USA to rival what the blacks or Native Americans or Irish experienced. Yet that's what happened. Drip, drip, drip, more and more policies were pushed that were explicitly anti-white.

    Now we see the result. Whites are reviled. White kids are taught in elementary school that they have original sin, that their culture is stolen from other groups, that they have privilege, etc etc.

    The damage was done in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. By the time the 90s came around there were too many immigrants entrenched in the country. The GG and boomers doomed their children, grand children, and great grand children to be a hated group that faces legalized discrimination and massive competition for jobs thanks to visas like the H1B.

  11. "Day of the Pillow" is not a fantasy, you are completely missing the point... It's boomers dying in care homes or similar setups due to lack of care because strangers, mostly foreign, are not caring for them...

  12. You squandered your inheritance, and I'm not talking about money.

  13. I'm a boomer too, like a number of posters here. Good post. Boomers have a lot to answer for, their narcissism is well known, and they have let some values slide on their watch, but the real problems that we see didn't happen because of them. It comes down to the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, which allowed millions upon millions of non-white people to flood the country, bringing with them their own cultures and values, thereby diluting the diminishing the culture and society of the US.

    How were we to fight that? (Well, personally, I was pretty young at the time. I would have been of no use.) The majority of boomers disliked it and some tried to fight it, but it the immigration of slow but steady, and now we find ourselves strangers in our own country.

    Again, what could we have done to fight the invasion of foreigners? The forces against us were clearly too powerful. It's harsh, judgmental, and unrealistic to think that the boomer generation could have fought against this.

    1. Bardelys the MagnificentJune 20, 2021 at 11:19 AM

      It's harsh, judgmental and unrealistic to think that Washington & Co. could beat King George and his "most powerful army in the world" with only 3% of the population participating. It's also harsh, judgmental and unrealistic that Christianity took over the world when it started with twelve very imperfect men.

      You've had a stranglehold on political and economic power for decades. Tell us again how it couldn't be done.

  14. Sorry, man. You're taking offense like a snowflake.

    Just admit the generation is wicked. Why do you care if you get lumped in in a generality?

    That's the problem with you. It shouldn't affect you, because only you know what's right, and if you happen to be the "exception to the rule", then no need to defend yourself.

  15. Hello- I saw the link from Vox Popoli- you can post this if you want- it is not a attack or troll- but simply Truth. I was born in 65- friends born in 64 and 66- I saw the destruction of the culture as a boy in mid to late 1970s. Pornography and fornication/hook ups even in Christian school were common. Vox has an excellent post about abortion rate peaking in 1982- I saw first hand “good Christian girls” have abortions and engage in any behavior they wanted. The early Boomers, those born before 1955 could have done much more to STOP abortion and immigration, but they did nothing. What we see today, celebration of Juneteenth, affirmative action, anti white, anti Christian CRT- is a direct result of the Boomers. The Gen X, Millennial and Gen Z are going to correct theses discivilization dynamics or the nation will collapse by 2035. The post here and other boomer blogs demonstrate: No refuting of these facts and Boomers gonna Boom- Boom Boom Boom.

    1. "The Gen X, Millennial and Gen Z are going to correct theses discivilization dynamics or the nation will collapse by 2035. "

      Gen X are in their 50's now...Millenials are in their 40's, and so on with the following generations. Apparently they're sitting on their collective keisters waiting for some magic moment. Or could it be the same as it was for the eeeeevil boomers? (No response required; rhetorical question.)


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