Winchester White Box and Fenix .45ACP FMJ Range Comparison


Used two pistols:  Glock 41 & Kimber Pro-Carry II.  Both brands fired from both pieces at the same distances, same round counts, and same temperature (cold barrel, cooled barrel, and hot barrel).

These are my results in pics - note, any abnormalities in group size/location can be lain solely at the feet of the operator. Me.:

Kimber Pro Carry II - 25 yards - Fenix and Winchester 230gr FMJ

Glock 41 - 25 yards - both Fenix and Winchester 230gr FMJ

Bottom line:  I'm happy with all three of my practice ammunition brands (Winchester White Box, Freedom Munitions, and Fenix); not a real discernable difference in their performance when one takes the shooter and distances into account.

The only real nit I have to pick with Fenix is that on their web site from which I ordered, the 250 round order implies 5 boxes of 50 because of the picture shown.  When I picked it up, it was in a heavy plastic bulk bag.  A bit more tedious, but that didn't affect performance.

Get the best you can get at the best price you can get it.  And in the mean time, make sure you're doing dry fire with one of these:

There are competitor brands out there, too.  Just get one for your 'go to'...saves ammo, and makes your dry fire more 'interactive' and meaningful.


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