It's the Little Things...

 One does to clothing/kit prior to SHTF that make a HUGE difference.  Let's talk 'bug juice' just for a minute.

I think bug juice is GREAT!  I always have a few squeeze bottles of 100% DEET (Ben's brand - simply the best in my .02) in my kit for those nasty places I like to stay in while I rest.  

I also like to treat my outer clothing, such as pants, shirt, and jacket/smock with Sawyer's Permethrin.  Actually, I do a 'twofer.'  I wash the clothing in 'Cotton Proof' to provide a tad of water resistance (and it works) and then, after complete drying, saturate the clothing with the Permethrin.  I become persona non-grata to ticks, chiggers, skeeters, and other flying/biting bugs.  It supposed to last through 6 washings, but I'm betting it depends on the amount of sweat and rain the clothing is saturated with in between treatments.  Incidentally, that's why I carry the DEET as well.

Makes sleeping and/or moving a lot less miserable.

This isn't new - I've been doing this in one form or another since 1977 when I came home and gave my dog ticks.  Even the US military impregnates field uniforms with the stuff.

So, if you haven't already accounted for bugs, and an EMP event occurs and there's no electricity or other power, you might wish you had done this to your clothing.....and gotten a couple bottles of Ben's.


  1. Martin's Permethrin 10% Multi Purpose, Indoor, Outdoor Insecticide 32oz. Not petroleum based. Little to no odor.
    It will last a long time. Mix your own at the rate on the label that targets the critter. Less than $30 at Walmart online.

    1. Thanks for the alternative - didn't know they were out there.

  2. Sleeping on permethrin treated clothing (using a wadded up shirt as a pillow for example) induces crazy vivid dreams. You have been warned.

    1.'s never happened to me or anyone I know who's used it. Then again, avoiding mosquito and tick borne illness/disease seems to be a good trade off for SHTF.

      Thanks for dropping by....'anonymously'


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