Jab Remorse....

By Bill Sardi at Lew Rockwell's site.  It's worth the time to see what's up with the law suits....reports uncovered a minimum of 40K to a maximum alleged count of 540K dead from the jab so far.

You be the judge....but whatever you do, don't take the jab.


  1. That's scary stuff DTG. No vax for me either. It's quite shocking to see how many are getting it though. Even folks in the "conservative" blogosphere around these parts are getting it now. Their body their choice I guess. Oh well. We will see in 3 years I suppose.

  2. Hope you are ok, you went off the radar....

    1. Yeah, I'm good; thanks for checking up! Life has been kicking my ass the last month, but I think I've came out of the bad areas. I should be up and writing again very soon.

      One of the ideas I am working on is the universal tactic used on both sides of, "fear mongering." EVERYTHING is going to kill us...TODAY!

      We'll see how that fleshes it self out, so to speak.

      In the mean time, keep prepping, training, and PT'ing. One positive thing I did today was repack my ruck (a bit lighter by 20 pounds) to start the heavier walks.

      Thanks again for stopping in!


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