Ever Hear the Term, "Low Hanging Fruit"?


It's easily taken.  No effort, the work has been done for the picker.  No figuring out how to get to the fruit, no climbing, no risk, no nothing.  Just reach out and pick it.  Don't be that guy.

Now is not the time to be venting one's spleen on the net.  All that happens is the venter enjoys a cathartic release and some validation from others (who may or may not be trolling CIs).  If you already have done it, and you've been very descriptive, you might want to consider your avenues of egress.  Examples are going to be made.  Everything that can be said, has been said.  Let the outcry come from those who will lose MILLIONS with the latest edict being put into force.  Don't play into the hands of those waiting to come by and put you in their basket...

My .02; YMMV.


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