Of Course.....Congress and Their Staff (as well as their families, no doubt) are Exempt from Biden's 'Requirement' for the Jab....

From the, "National File," sourced to, "News Week."  

File in the, "Rules for Thee, but not for Me" file.

Sleepy Joe Reportedly Allows Congressmen To Be EXEMPT From Vaccine Mandate

More Shenanigans From The Regime

The Joe Biden regime is reportedly exempting U.S. congressmen and their staff from the vaccine mandate that Biden has inflicted on the people of the nation. Biden announced in a divisive and disturbing speech that he is forcing Coronavirus injections on employees of companies with over 100 people. As of press time, 27 states are putting up resistance to the Biden mandate.

But while Sleepy Joe is forcing the vaccine on approximately two and a half million federal workers and contractors, his executive order mandates jabs for the EXECUTIVE branch and not the LEGISLATIVE branch. How are Americans going to feel about this double standard. Why do deeply unpopular congressmen in Washington, D.C. get to live in medical freedom but Biden wants to deny that freedom to the people of America?


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