To the Pain...

Every turn of the dial, every click of the ratchet, every insult and slap in the face to our troops works against the regime as it increases the pain and anguish we all suffer.  As more troops discharged for refusing the 'slow death' injection, the 'remnant' of Americans grow, as does our combined skill sets.

The illegitimate organization occupying the seat of government acts more and more like the organization called, 'The People's Republic,' in Kurt Schlichter's "Indian Country."  Mr. Schlichter was almost prophetic in his series.  All 5 that I've read are great novels; if you haven't read, "Indian Country," I highly recommend it.  In fact, it's worth reading again.

Here's the article on how they're purposely criminalizing our military for injection refusal.  When you saddle someone with a Dishonorable Discharge, they can't vote, they can't own a gun, can't hunt, can't do a lot of things.  It's tantamount to a living death sentence.  I found it interesting that the article touches on discipline and obedience and judgements of moral (lawful) order discernment.  I do not know if they teach this anymore.  My generation was taught on Day 2 of Basic Training that we had a DUTY to ONLY OBEY LAWFUL ORDERS.  Period.  End of story.  If the order violates the Constitution, it is UNLAWFUL and not to be obeyed.  If the order violates the DUTY TO A HIGHER POWER, it is unlawful (Calley, anyone?).  All orders may be legal, but they are not all lawful.  It rests on the shoulders of each service member to REFUSE TO OBEY UNLAWFUL ORDERS.

I shudder to think of when the backlash occurs, and the populace administers lessons of what, 'To the Pain,' means.  And I doubt it will be as nice as is described in the clip below....


  1. sources say two hundred seals are walking off the job rather than vax. if i was president, i wouldn't want two hundred unemployed/unemployable seals on the loose. the imposter's loss is patriot's gain though. if they lead i'll follow, as far as i can.

  2. I'd say the loser in chief losses his daughter and crack head son first.... Taking bets????

  3. The arrogance of this current regime will be judged soon I believe . Rather like Nebuchadnezzar who found himself eating grass out in the rain like an animal until the Holy One gave him his mind back . Build back better indeed ! We shall see whose patience is exhausted first Jo-Zi-Den .


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