Field Cleaning Kit...

Lots of different configurations out there from none 'I don't need to clean my piece' to 'half my ruck is  cleaning equipment and solvents' when it comes to weapons cleaning equipment.

My kit is light, comprehensive, and easily stowed and will clean my tools when needed for a good bit of time without resupply.  It takes care of 9mm/.45ACP (so I can take either, but not both) 5.56, and 12 Ga.  I added a Gerber M4gery tool, some CLP, Springco MG lubricant, patches for both pistol and the 5.56, and a collapsible rod.  Just over a pound, maybe pound and a half, altogether.

If circumstances force me to stay away from my normal cleaning 'laboratory,' I've got enough to keep me going for quite some time....maybe the rest of my life.

When you put yours together, make sure you don't overpack, and make sure you know how long your piece will operate as designed without cleaning.  Hopefully, you're into chrome or nitride lined barrels and chambers and Nickel Boron or Nitride BCG's.

For whatever reason, this subject has become more important as of late in discussions I've heard...


  1. I have at least three of the West German HK kits, the type with a flexible metal chain pull through cleaning jag. Won't work with 5.56 caliber bores though.

    For lubricant, red lithium grease spooned into those European surplus dual bottle units. That lithium is used very sparingly - a little goes a long way. The other bottle has good ol' Hoppes #9 bore cleanser.

    Stuck cartridge cases - still working on acquiring that. Any suggestions ?

    1. Any stuck cartridge case remover will do...check out Midway or Brownells. Keep in mind, though (and I'm sure you know this): If you suffer a stuck cartridge case, you'll have already transitioned to your back up (pistol) and will be fighting your way to a casualty's rifle (hopefully the other guys). Removing stuck cartridge cases is not a 'middle of the action' thing.

      Transparency: While I have one a stuck case remover in my kit, in all the years I've fired the 5.56 platform, military or civilian, the only time I've ever seen a stuck cartridge was on a military range with 'range weapons' (that's all they were used for) that fired thousands of rounds a week each, and did not get the best cleaning in the world. All AR's I've ever owned have had either chrome or Nitride lined chambers, and I clean them routinely paying attention to the chamber just as much as the bore.

  2. The Otis cleaning kits are the bees knees.

  3. still prefer the vietnam era type kits...with an actual real rod you can normally punch out a stuck empty...throw in tiny bottle of lucas extreme and the little squeeze bottle of clp, a dental pick, you have everything you need...and the handle is perfect size for pistols too...

    1. And there's nothing wrong with that, either!

      The fact is that you have one (or maybe a couple) for the field.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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