I am SHOCKED, SHOCKED, I say!!...

Annnnnnndddd, it's a muslim....well, thankfully, at least here in the US, sidearms trump archery equipment.  

Via Info Wars.

Muslim Convert Responsible for Bow and Arrow Killings Described as “Danish National” by Media

by Paul Joseph Watson

Media outlets & Twitter bury likely motivation.

After a Muslim convert on a radicalization watchlist killed five people during a bow and arrow rampage in Oslo, media outlets and Twitter reacted by describing the perpetrator as a “Danish national.”

Hmm, they appear to have left something out there.

Four women and one man were left dead after the attack, while an off-duty police officer and another person were wounded.

According to police chief Ole Bredrup Saeverud, the 37-year-old culprit had converted to Islam and “There were concerns over radicalisation.”

Reuters reported the story with the headline “Danish man suspected of killing five in bow-and-arrow attack in Norway.”


Twitter also chose to bury his Muslim conversion, describing the killer as a “Danish national.”

In describing the killer, do you think it’s more germaine to the story to describe him as a “Muslim convert” or a “Danish national”?

It’s unlikely that the terrorist’s Danish nationality motivated his rampage, his conversion to Islam however is likely to have played a role.

But the media doesn’t appear to want you to focus on that.



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