I've Been EXTREMELY Pre-Occupied with a LOT of things....

But not too busy to put out a reminder:  Winter is coming on fast; time to get your primary 'go to 'winterized.'  Clean it extremely well, and remove all but the most minute amount of lubrication.  Change batteries in your optics, if they're so powered.

You'll be glad you did, should you need your 'go to.'  Just keep it away from any actors you may happen across.


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    1. HEY! Glad to know you're still out there....is your site toast or what? OR, better yet, what is the proper URL??

  2. https://coldfury.com/bustednuckles/wordpress/2021/10/25/give-it-enough-time/

  3. Imma put this up on my blog for folks trying to find you.

  4. Thank you very much, I'm at work right now that's why I'm having to be so brief.


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