From Across the Transom...

I can't state with any veracity that the below graphic is accurate; maybe a reader in NY can verify.  But what I can do is emphatically state:

"Commies gonna commie!"

I was stationed in upstate NY for 3 wonderful years in the very early 80's.  East of the Finger Lakes.  Very beautiful area; great people!  In fact, my daughter was born there.  I also worked in Manhattan in '16 & '17.  What a great place (then) to work.  Sure, it wasn't exactly a crime free utopia, but if you stayed aware and walked in groups of 2 or more, you were pretty safe.  The subway was usable, even though I saw some weirdness.  Individuals and parents had rights; in fact, the parental relationship and authority over medical treatment for their children was, like most places back then, sacrosanct.  My heart bleeds for parents today.

This was all back before the commies took over.  I wouldn't go to NYC now for love nor money.  Nor would I go upstate, because that'd be tantamount to going behind the iron curtain.  

It's really a shame, and if this is true, New Yorkers who have, or are planning on having children, it's time to move! 

Anyway, on to the graphic.


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