The Air Force Officially has Joined 'the Dark Side'...

 From Schlichter' s Twitter feed;

He's retweeting another guys tweet describing that a friend in the USAF is supposed to vote on the USAF's 'new logo.'  I just threw up a little in my mouth again looking at it.

Before, during, and a bit after my time, it was, "Fly, Fight, and Win!"  Now?  Well, it speaks for itself.  And Caucasians don't seem to be part of the equation.  Now why is that?

I don't think I can wear my 'USAF Retired' hat or keep my window stickers on anymore....this truly sucks!


  1. Our enemies are serious and are laughing at us.
    I pity Ukraine and Taiwan.

  2. noticed the red guy in the center looks remarkably like stalin. weird how the pendulum is swinging back in some things yet continues on leftward at the same time.

  3. My dad retired as a full bird out of the Air Force and this was 1978 and even back then he was seeing the pozz and would shake his head. He was a bomber and cargo pilot, even ferried Patton around for about three months in a special C-47. I have his old log books and Patton even signed once.

  4. I am a former USAF Security specialist (86th SPS). When I was in we knew who the enemy was, we trained to engage them and to defeat them. This logo is utterly disgusting. Now we another idea why the 2nd Admen was put into place. We Patriots will be called upon again to protect our nation not merely against a rogue US government but also enemies like the CCP and Russia. Stand strong brothers! God bless!


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