They ALWAYS Tell Us What They're Going to Do Before They Do it...

From Brandon's, "patience running very thing," to Mengele's, "the American people are just going to have to deal with it," to various 'personalities' and 'celebrities' calling for the outright imprisonment and execution of Americans for choosing not to inject themselves with poison (certain death anyway).

Old axiom:  "When a man tells you he's going to kill you, believe him, and take appropriate action."

Not going to preach to the choir here, so to speak, because the readership here know what everyone needs to be doing if they want to survive the forthcoming chaos.

It's my hope, twelve days before the traditionally celebrated date of the birth of Christ Jesus (as incorrect as it is), that all of us continue to do what needs to be done including encouraging each other, exhorting each other not to quit, and live 1 Peter, 4:8, which says, "Above all, keep your love for on another fervent, because love covers a multitude of sins."  Let's not let ego get in our way - the communists love it when we further isolate from like minded.  Being 'right' isn't going to help if by being 'right' we alienate a dozen people (random number).  

This is so applicable to all who believe in Liberty in all we do.  Love for Liberty is expressed in action toward our fellow believers, Christian or not.  In the end, all we have is each other.  If we follow Peter's advice, we will be tolerant of those who believe as we do, but err in how they speak or act, or otherwise look at the situation we all face and respond.    Especially with the push to get rid of companies and employees who refuse to get jabbed (we don't know if the injunction against Brandon's imitation of King George will be upheld or not) if their companies go with Brandon.  

We should be ready to help each other whenever we can.  Mutual aid.  In all we can do.  

I wish all of you a wonderful Christmas season, and a productive New Year.  Why productive?  Because we ought to be busy little beavers.  Doing PT, doing more preps, doing more dry and wet fire, doing more prayer, doing more productive reading.  You know....more!


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