Cold Steel Tanto - The Original...Updated Price

After receiving some good information about the value of this particular blade, I've cut the price in half.  

For someone looking for a blade that will take a lot of meat from the bone....

Made in Japan, sold from Ventura, California.  Year of manufacture unknown, but I've had it for a number of years.  Excellent shape, some small scratches on the blade; it looks to have been polished as the printing is light.  Edge is 'as new' (can't guarantee it).

My loss is your gain.

Reason for selling?  I need the money for high priorities...if I didn't, I would NOT sell this gem!

First email confirming $200 sale takes it and I'll update this post as 'Sale Pending'; free shipping.  Once payment received in USPS MO, I'll ship within 2 days.

You're looking at the knife you'll get.



  1. Still available ? I would have definitely purchased, but I already have one exactly as pictured. Heavy duty blade, definitely worth the price.


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