FAST and the 5 B's....

 Via the Recce Room.

I would like to ad a '+1' to what the Recce Room says about, 'Appleseed' training.  It is a great fundamentals class, so far as it goes.  And that's it.  

Training with your rifle or pistol is a whole 'nother thing.  To that end, here's a video from '' to explain exactly how one performs FAST and the 5 B's.

Key excerpt from the post (emphasis added):

"One of the best ways that I’ve seen to address it is the “Wyatt protocol,” which is named for Lyle Wyatt. Those who have been around long enough to remember the grand ol' days of the Soldier of Fortune 3 gun matches will remember that 2 of the big guys heavily involved were Lyle Wyatt and Michael Horne.

Lyle Wyatt was a friend of Andy Stanford, whose first training company was MMI (the Martial Marksmanship Institute). It was focused on providing close up rifle training to the military, particularly marines in southern California. Lyle was working with Andy, they were training some young Marines, and some Marine asked Lyle,

“I understand shooting. I'm an expert marksman, I understand shooting, but what is this gunfighting thing all about? How is that different than shooting?”

In response to this question, Lyle said,

“Well, first we fight…and then we make sure that our rounds were effective. Do we need to fight anymore? Then we look around – do we need to fight anyone else? Then we load the gun and get ready to fight again.”"

Follow the embedded links at the Recce Room to get in-depth information.

Thanks to the Recce Room for posting!


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