If You Haven't Read This One...You Should; and if You Have, You Should Read it Again....

It's very instructive.  Some years ago, a close friend told me about this book.  He was a career soldier, airborne and ranger qualified, and West Point educated.  I've never regretted buying the book and reading it several times over the years.  I learn something new every time I read it.

Go and do the same.


  1. Bought it from Amazon. Prices on eBay and elsewhere were ridiculous.

  2. Even this is "The army that was ...".

  3. Dan Bolger also wrote "Dragons at War". His experience as a Company Commander at the National Training Center in 1982. Back when the Soviets were still a threat.

  4. I've just read the first chapter and, let me tell you, Bolger is a good writer! I guess it doesn't hurt that he has a Ph. D. in history ("That's DOCTOR Bolger to you!") I'm spoiled by good writing, so much so that bad writing drives me to distraction. Bolger makes one feel like he is there. At the end of the chapter, we discover that the realistic battle just described was in "Tigerland". I can't wait to read the rest of the book.


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