My Absolute Favorite 'Go To' Self-Defense Pistol Ammo...

One or 'tother:  Federal Hydra Shok or HST

Above is a comparison pic of Hydra Shok & HST.  I was introduced to Hydra Shok in 1994 while still on active duty by some Omaha PD SWAT guys I trained with 'off the clock.'  I had been introduced to them by a former team member of mine who ETS'd in Omaha and became a very, very good gunsmith.  I liked it so much it became my exclusive self-defense ammo.  I bought my last hydra shok some years ago, and still have around 500 rounds.  A few years ago, one of my nephews introduced me to HST, after he heard me complaining I couldn't find any Hydra Shok on the market.  So, I tried some HST out, and have never looked back.  HST is in my pistol when I carry (just about 24X7) no matter the caliber.  It's just plain great ammo!  Make no mistake, I still love Hydra Shok, and I'd carry either with no qualms whatsoever...

Read the article at Wideners, as the ammo has an interesting history.

What is your favorite, 'Go To' pistol ammo?


  1. For my 9mm carry and home defense pistols I carry the 124 grain Speer Gold Dots. A number of local law enforcement agencies issue them and for a while I was able to stock up on them for pretty cheap (plus by all accounts they are very good rounds).
    For my CZ Scorpion pistol that serves as a home defense weapon I use 147 grain Federal HST. Out of the longer barrel the still get good velocity and seem a bit quieter (important when potentially firing in an enclosed area).
    For my revolvers, which I don't carry much anymore these days, I generally carry Hornady Critical Defense or even hollow-based wad cutters. I don't expect any expansion from a snubby after all.
    Take care and God bless.
    The Armed Christian


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