Supply Chain Concerns...

What are you seeing?  This?

Or this?

Or somewhere in the middle?

And then, how much of your money do you see going toward groceries compared to a year or so ago?

Here, in SE Michigan, shelves are pretty stocked, albeit with fewer choices of the same kind of food or product, and in addition, prices are up noticeably on meat, seafood, and 'luxury items' like cheese and so forth.

If you would, provide your observations in the comments.


  1. White mountains of Eastern AZ here...mixed bag. A lot of rolling outages where a section of shelving will be empty for a while...maybe a coupe of weeks...and then it fills up for a while. Some things are consistent...frozen foods have been thin for 4-5 Ramen for a saltine crackers for the last month. Prepper staples... generally some in stock but gets pretty thin sometimes...prices up across the board. Sale prices on stuff like meat ar the old regular prices.

  2. Down here on the Texas Gulf Coast we are somewhere between the two. Some items unavailable or in limited supply. For example, there were only about a dozen or so cans of condensed milk in the store. Some had expiration dates marked with the same month I was buying them in. Limited selection of canned fruits but plenty of fresh. Lots of Gatorade on the shelves but not one bottle of old-school, traditional green.
    Price is a little clearer topic. Prices for what we buy are up around 40% from the beginning of COVID. That doesn't include beef since, for the most part, we do not buy beef at the grocery store. We make group buys of whole steers directly from a rancher. It does include some "luxury" items. I like good orange juice and lemonade not the cheapo stuff and a few other things that I prefer and can afford (for now).
    Take care and God bless.

  3. western va: good to go except bottled water is wiped out constantly. it gets resupplied, but wiped out again. the big one is sausage/bacon though. totally wiped unless you're standing there when the truck comes, even the el cheapo stuff. same way since covid started. wife says canned cat food is hit n miss too. cheese and butter were actually cheaper as some snafu with milk forced them to send it to cheese instead of stores. milk was hard to find for a couple weeks b4 Christmas. we're about to get hammered by snow/ice so i suspect the milk bread eggs and water are not to be found. may take a while to restock. a bear got into my neighbors coop so eggs are now of concern to us too.

  4. Phoenix metro area - grocery stores are hit hard during the day, if you go in the evening it's pretty cleared out. Started recently seeing morning runs come up emptier too; produce is usually available, bread and milk/ first derivatives well stocked (thankfully we're surrounded by dairies and bakeries so I expect that to continue). Baking supplies are great in the morning, iffy in the evenings. Prepared things like frozen dinners, box pasta and ramen are scarce and gone quickly, soups and chips vary by variety (no chicken noodle but tons of tomato, no plain chips but tons with cheese powder, etc.) Shredded cheese and lunchmeat/ hot dog type things have been in chronic shortage for a couple months. Diapers and baby stuff, cleaning and laundry supplies, all seem to be doing okay. Candy and snack crackers are doing fine, refrigerated dough is unobtanium, eggs and butter come in but get picked over fairly quickly. Beer is overflowing their coolers (literally, they keep stacks in the aisles) and moves quickly but stays in stock, probably a priority item to keep people calm.


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