UPDATED: I'm Thinkin....

UPDATE:  I prepped a 'cage' as described below in a .50 cal can.  Very snug fit of cardboard, and it fits 4 hand held radios, three 6 inch antennas, one 15 inch antenna, 4 fully charged lithium batteries, 1 charger, and 1 field capable throat mic & ear piece set up.  All wrapped and insulated.  Very compact kit.  

So, if we get an EMP event or get cyber attacked to the point of taking out the grid and causing localized EMP events, maybe this will have been worth the time, which was, all told, about an hour.  

We'll see.


With all this 'nuke' talk in Mother Russia regarding the nuke threat, and a single nuclear detonation 400 miles over the center of the continental US would pretty much take out the grid (at least that's what the conventional wisdom is), maybe it's the right time to make a couple of ammo can Faraday cages for hand-held comms....like, maybe 4 Baofengs...with batteries separated and protected.  They're not expensive, pretty easy to make, and if you have lithium batteries, you can leave it sealed for a couple of years without opening.  What do you think?


  1. Go to a paint store and buy a few brand new empty paint cans. They seal real well and keep out the moisture. Use a #10 brass bolt and nut on the lid and the side of the bucket, bolt sticking out. connect these with some sort of wire braid (like coax shield) and then connect to a cold metal water pipe. Throw a couple bags of desiccant in each can. If your really serious about it, wrap everything in aluminum foil before you put it in the can.

  2. I recommend that you check out the serious body of opinion that maintains that grounding a small Faraday Cage is something that may produce the exact OPPOSITE effect that you are trying to achieve. See "Civil Defense Manual, Vol. 2" where Jerry Emanuelson's views are expressed. See the Youtube videos of Arthur T. Bradley.

    1. I stand corrected, connection to ground is not necessary or recommended. With this in mind do not install the brass bolts or braid.


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