Hedging Bets....

Based on all the highly intelligent decisions coming out of DC, you MIGHT want to err on the side of caution and have at LEAST one of these water barrels for every two people in your household...filled.....now that the weather is getting warmer.  Might be a long, hot, DRY summer for any number of reasons.  A barrel for every 2 people is prudent.  It will give you 3 weeks of water (plus or minus) per person at a gallon (give or take) each per day.  That amount includes cooking, hygiene, and hydration.  Note the pump.  This one comes from, 'SOS Survival Products,' here.

Their kit is just under $100, which is a LOT for one barrel kit (I simply searched on Duck Duck Go and they came up).  All you need is one pump for as many barrels as you have (unless you want a spare).  You can get the pumps on Amazon for about $39 shipped.  That's where I got mine when they were a bit cheaper a couple years ago.  I also purchased my barrels from a local source selling them used, as new, and cleaned out, for $25 each.  So I saved about $33 looking around and doing my own sourcing.

Also one of these - takes out 99.9999% of anything that can make you sick.

And if you want to go 'whole hog', get one of these to run your bio-hazard free water through to get rid of the 'dissolved solids' (heavy metals, etc).  Set the unit on a bucket.  Mine, although much older, still works like a charm, and it sits on a two gallon reservoir.  Hard to find these days, but Amazon has them.   Zerowater.com has sales all the time on the filters, and you can get 10 at a whack on sale, free shipping, yada yada.  The unit comes with a 'dumb' TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) meter,  It measures TDS, period.  You decide when to change out the filters.  The recommendation is over 30 parts per million.  I do it at about 50.  

Thirst is torturous, as anyone who's been without water for more than 24 hours knows.  Imagine what it will be like for those you care about.

As in ammo and weapons, get them before the panic sets in and they become, 'unobtanium.'


  1. If your home has a bathtub, you could also consider using a Water BOB bladder which is inserted into tub and filled with water (approximately 80 or more gallons). For the single occupant or couple, should last at least two weeks.


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