The Weather is Breaking...

Time to take out your rifles, pistols, and associated equipment and kit and clean, lubricate, re-size from winter wear to temperate/hot wear sizing, and generally get your kit together for warm weather Neighborhood Protection Team ops as appropriate.  

While you are at it, do some comm checks with your radios, whichever type you have, and ensure all your batteries are charged and spares are also loaded in your kit.  

If you don't have one yet, get a Ham Technician's license.  It lets you practice before SHTF with other hams, and gets you to be a known entity on their net.  They will feed you info they come across if they know you.  It's worth the time and money.  If you haven't already, go to AmRRON and learn (and join).

Freshen the edge on all your edged weapons/tools.  Re-apply Camp Dry to anything and everything made of cordura or rip stop NYCO.  If you wear leather boots, make SURE they're waterproofed as much as you can.  Check on the condition of your face paint.  Touch up your camo on your AR (remember, ugly is beautiful, because it most likely blends in better).

There's a LOT to do for Spring Cleaning.  Maybe more important this year than any year in recent memory.

Once you get that done, then go to the range and do your warm weather zero confirmation with your sling (from the prone, as you won't want to be shooting 'off-hand' if you can help it) on anything/everything you might be carrying.  

Afterwards, when you're cleaning weapons, strip out all your pre-loaded mags (both pistol and rifle), wipe them out with a good rust prohibitor and/or lubricant (super light coat) and re-load everything.

Remember, keeping everything ready for the upcoming season makes sure it's READY when YOU need it.

Lastly, make sure you are doing your dry fire with both shoulder and side arms.  Regularly.  You'll be glad you did, if things get spicy.  None of us will have time once it starts...


  1. Hiking your local area and spotting new hazards, potential wild foods and water collection sites would also be useful information to have on hand.

  2. "Lastly, make sure you are doing your dry fire with both shoulder and side arms."
    I'll add "using both shoulders, and both arms" since there's no giving up if one of them is put out of the game before you are.


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