You Shall Know Them by Their Fruits...

H/T Wirecutter.  

Every single 'so-called' Republican in the House (all 5 of them) who voted for the House's unconstitutional fire arms restrictions is complicit with the Communists.  Period.  Same goes for those in the Senate who want to find, 'common ground' and reduce the capabilities of Trad Americans to defend themselves against ALL threats.

From the article cited, here's the complete list of those who voted for at least one of the bills brought forward either singly or as a package:

Adam Kitzinger, Illinois
Maria Salazar, Florida
Anthony Gonzalez, Ohio
Mike Turner, Ohio
David Joyce, Ohio
David Valado, California
Ken Calvert, California
Brian Fitzpatrick, Pennsylvania
Chris Jacobs, New York
John Katko, New York
Nicole Maliotakis, New York
Chris Smith, New Jersey
Fred Upton, Michigan

They are traitors to the Oath of Office they took upon election.  It could be argued that they have broght aid and comfort to enemies of the United States, which would constitute treason.

They are SCUM and have publicly joined with the enemies of the Constitution and the United States.  Remember their names and their actions.


  1. Fitzpatrick, CPUSA of PA has voted repeatedly to compromise Traditional Americans; our values and heritage. He is not much worse than most, if not all, CONgressweasels. One can oppose the ongoing political attacks against 2A, thus the Constitution by traitors. However, there is another physical attack appproaching CONUS from the south....a reported stream of 15,000 foreign enemies, combatants, foreign "soldiers", moving north to continue the invasion of what once a sovereign nation; the war to entirely destroy FUSA are nothing but distractions.

    All I read, see and hear is Ukraine, Russia and Mr. Putin again and and again. In the meanwhile almost every American....citizens, politicians and media are ignoring the CONUS invasion orchestrated by enemies foreign and DOMESTIC ! Nothing else matters once the nation is physically no more.

  2. Hey bud, you haven't posted anything new for a while. Is everything all right?

    1. Hi Bob,

      Thanks for the note; down with the coof right now but recovering. Posted a short piece earlier.

      Keep yer eyes on the skyline and yer nose in the wind.



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