Something to Consider on Your, "OH CRAP!" gear...


A couple things you should consider:

  • Don't fall victim to 'over packing.'  You MUST be able to carry your load!  Otherwise, Shelter In Place.
  • Priorities:
    • Ammo
    • Water
    • Food
    • Another few magazines of ammo.
    • All Else - and 'all else' doesn't mean everything else but the kitchen sink.  Try a poncho liner instead of a sleeping bag.  Try a couple of old-school stainless steel canteens instead of a hydration bladder (even though I really like them).  Try a canteen cup instead of a cook pot (remember, this won't be a camp out).
  • Ability to Blend In.  DO NOT try to go 'down town' in all your multicam clothing.  You might want to have an old top coat (really faded), a zippered, oversized hoodie...old jeans...scuffed up boots, etc.  Remember, dirty clothes will camouflage you in the sticks.  You will be seen moving before you're seen because of your city clothing.
  • Practice Moving SLOWLY.  Not necessarily at night, either.
  • PRACTICE your land nav.  Above all.
  • Practice escape/evasion from the location you're discovered at.  Don Paul has an interesting take on it.  
  • If you're carrying a pistol, 2 or 3 mags, period.  It's defensive.  Your rifle is a better choice to carry for weight and ROI on each round expended.
Just sayin'


  1. that's what i have been preaching, for decades. we did 3 day missions with what was on our lbe and a butt pack. no 80 lb bug out bag needed. we did seven days, no resupply, out of a medium alice pack. no extra pouches hanging off either. yeah, it sucked but our feet, knees and backs thanked us.

  2. I thought I was the only dinosaur using web gear with alice clips instead of a tacticool molle vest. Mine sports canvas small arms pouches on both sides at the front that each hold six enbloc clips of 30 caliber big hurt. The rest will be in bandoliers.
    I am too old and broken for CQB, my plan is as a rifleman choosing and eliminating targets from far away behind cover.


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